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Crofton Crofton Knox
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The Yakima Herald-Republic is a newspaper published in Yakima, Washington, and distributed throughout Yakima, Kittitas and Klickitat counties as well as. Yakima Valley College is a public college in Yakima, Washington. It was founded as Yakima Valley Community College in 1928 with Elizabeth Prior. Yakima School District No. 7 is a public school district in Yakima County, Washington, USA and serves the city of Yakima. As of May 2016, the district. The Yakima Valley Braves, was the final name of a minor league baseball club, located in Yakima, Washington, playing from 1965 to 1966 as members of the. Yakima, Washington is a city in the United States. Yakima may also refer to: MV Yakima, a ferry based in Washington state Yakima Canutt, American. The Yakima River is a tributary of the Columbia River in south central and eastern Washington state, named for the indigenous Yakama people. The length. West Valley High School is a public secondary school in Yakima, Washington, United States, in the West Valley School District. The school enrolls approximately. The Warriors were based in Yakima, Washington. Their home games were played at the Yakima SunDome. The Warriors were Yakima's first indoor football team. East Valley High School, located in Yakima, Washington, is a high school that serves 830 students in grades 9–12. From 2012 to 2016, the principal was. Yakima Peak is a 6, 226-ft summit located on the eastern border of Mount Rainier National Park. It is also on the shared border of Pierce County. The Yakima Bears were a minor league baseball team in the northwest United States, located in Yakima, Washington. The Bears competed at the Class A Short. Yakima Sportsman State Park is a public recreation area located on the Yakima River on the east side of the city of Yakima in Yakima County, Washington. 119. 2528°W / 46. 2497; -119. 2528 The Yakima River Delta is an area of land in Richland, Washington where the Yakima River enters the Columbia River at River. The Yakima Training Center is a United States Army training center, used for maneuver training, Land Warrior system testing and as a live fire exercise. Yakima Transit is the primary provider of mass transportation in the city of Yakima, Washington. It was established in 1966, as Yakima City Lines, when. The Yakima Area Arboretum is an arboretum in Yakima, Washington on a site adjoining the riparian habitat of the Yakima River. In the 19th century. The Yakima SunKings are a basketball team located in Yakima, Washington, covering the central Washington sports market of Yakima, Tri-Cities, and Ellensburg. The 1933 Yakima Valley strike took place on 24 August 1933 in the Yakima Valley, Washington, United States. The Masonic Temple in Yakima, Washington is a historic building constructed in 1911. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. Is a public airport three miles south of Yakima, in Yakima County, Washington. Owned by the City of Yakima, it is used. Course of the Tieton River, in Yakima County, Washington state, US. The lake is used as a storage reservoir for the Yakima Project, an irrigation project. Yakima – Singles 2012 ITF Women's Circuit – Yakima Champion Shelby Rogers Runner-up Samantha Crawford Final score 6–4, 6–7, 6–3 Events. Yakima – Doubles 2012 ITF Women's Circuit – Yakima Champions Samantha Crawford Madison Keys Runners-up Xu Yifan Zhou Yimiao Final score 6–3, 2–6. St. Paul's Cathedral, Yakima, Washington, United States, is a Catholic cathedral and a parish church in the Diocese of Yakima. Four Missionary Oblates. Yakima Ridge is a long anticline mountain ridge in Yakima County and Benton County in the U.S. state of Washington. From its western end just north of. Christ the Teacher Catholic school is a private, Catholic school in Yakima, Washington. It serves grades preschool to 8th. It is attached to the church. Yakima Hill is a neighborhood in the North End of Tacoma, Washington. Commonly confused with the adjacent North Slope, Yakima Hill is a distinct area. The Larson Gallery is located in Yakima, Washington in Yakima Valley College. Founded in 1949, the Gallery exhibits art from local, regional, and national. An unincorporated community in Yakima County, Washington, United States, located near the southwest city limits of Yakima. In 1871, Hugh Wiley settled in. Rattlesnake Ridge, is a 16-mile long anticline mountain ridge in Yakima County and Benton County in the U.S. state of Washington. It should not. Donald is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Yakima County, Washington, United States. The population was 91 at the 2010 census. An unincorporated community in Yakima County, Washington, United States, located east of Selah adjacent to the Yakima River. According to the Köppen Climate. An unincorporated community in Yakima County, Washington, United States, located within the north city limits of Yakima. The community was established. Yakima Electric Railway Museum is located at the corner of South Third Avenue and Pine Street in Yakima, Washington. The museum is operated by Yakima. The Yakima Valley SunDome is a 6, 195-seat multi-purpose arena in Yakima, Washington, United States. It was built in 1990, on the Central Washington State. Yakima Valley may refer to: Yakima River Valley in southeastern portion of the state of Washington Yakima Valley AVA Yakima Valley. An unincorporated community in Yakima County, Washington, United States, located approximately one mile west of Yakima. Gromore. Geographic Names Information. The Yakima War was a conflict between the United States and the Yakama, a Sahaptian-speaking people of the Northwest Plateau, then part of. Liberty is an unincorporated community in Yakima County, Washington, United States, located approximately two miles east of Granger. Liberty. Geographic. The Reuben Sweet House, located at 6 Chicago Ave. in Yakima, Washington, United States, was built in 1910 and is listed on the National Register of Historic. The Powell House is an historic U.S. home located in Yakima, Washington at 207 South 9th Street. Built in 1895, the Victorian era Powell House is a one-story. The Yakima Valley Libraries is a public, 17-branch library system located in the Yakima Valley region of Washington, United States. The library. Yakima Valley Academy was a Seventh-day Adventist elementary school and co-educational boarding high school located in Granger, WA and operated from 1921-1945. The 2012 ITF Women's Circuit – Yakima was a professional tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts. It was the first edition of the tournament and. Yakima is an impact crater on Mars. It was named by the IAU in 1976 after the town of Yakima in Washington, United States. Yakima is located east of Mohawk. The Yakima Regional Hospital Challenger was a tournament for professional female tennis players played on outdoor hard courts. The event was classified. The Yakima Klickitat Fisheries Project is a salmon supplementation project in the Yakima and Klickitat river basins in Washington state designed. Pitching for the Yakima Pippins of the Class B Western International League—beginning a long association with professional baseball in Yakima, Washington, . Building in Yakima, Washington, built in 1931. When it was built the eleven-story brick structure was by far the tallest building in Yakima, an otherwise. Snipes Mountain AVA is an American Viticultural Area located in the Yakima Valley of Washington State. It was approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco.